Colin MacKenzie is a Master of Design from University of Dundee

He is also a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art (DA Edin.) and is currently a full-time DESIGN LECTURER and CURRICULUM HEAD at FIFE COLLEGE in Kirkcaldy.
Colin is a design consultant. He is a three dimensional designer specialising in Interior and Furniture Design, with a specific interest in urban design.
The built environment is the new canvas or drawing board for developing design thinking and generation of ideas.
The reason for studying at Masters Degree Level was to update his design thinking and to develop new co-design approaches to his practice and to enhance his teaching and research skills.
website:      http://postcardsfromkirkcaldy.com       POSTCARDS from . . . KIRKCALDY
weblog:      http://urbandraw.net                             ORIGINAL  IDEAS and  drawings
e-mail:       colindraw@btinternet.com                    mobile no:     0775 9334876

Transitional Spaces in Town Centres was the original title for the Master of Design Project and it began as an investigation into how we use and engage with urban spaces in towns.
Design methods and techniques aim to investigate and record town centre environments through drawings and visualisations and develop a co-design consultative visual think tank, entitled  ‘URBAN DRAW’. This evolved from ‘URBANBANK’, the initial project approach developed during the coursework development

POSTCARDS from…KIRKCALDY developed into the design method using postcards to enable engagement and communication with stakeholders, organisations and the general public.
Producing new creative proposals for high streets and adjacent spaces aimed to develop a new useable urbanism for all. Sharing these ideas was an important factor for feedback.
References and case study exemplars into current thinking on Urban Design have been applied during project development. Case studies from other local, UK and worldwide locations will be included in the references and research content to enhance the design thinking and how it could be applied in a practical way within Kirkcaldy.

The Realisation and Communication of the MDES Design Research Project used the simple notion of the POSTCARD to engage with public and stakeholder groups.
This has enabled groups, organisations  and individuals to make suggestions and propositions for features and ideas which could be developed in the various gap sites and redundant spaces in Kirkcaldy.
KIRKCALDY, in Fife, is the current focus for the URBAN Design research project, based on the notion that, KIRKCALDY is a town that is full of potential for change. Kirkcaldy is a unique town on the River Forth Estuary, which has specific
By discussing and developing new ideas and projects, which can be applied using co-design thinking with relevant stakeholders and end users, could help to improve its potential as a destination and a vibrant town centre.
Current stakeholders who have invested their time and thinking to date include:
Fife Council Planning, Town Centre Regeneration and Conservation departments, Kirkcaldy4 All, Kirkcaldy Civic Society, Greener Kirkcaldy, Property Developers and agents, Design Students and Lecturing Staff at the new Fife College, as well as the general public, who are also important as any impact will affect people who live and work in the town centre.
KIRKCALDY’S AMBITIONS is a local authority FORUM that aims to co-ordinate the range of developments that are being considered within the town of Kirkcaldy and its environs.
Currently, new initiatives are developing at the same time within the town including : RE:CREATE KIRKCALDY which has been organised to engage with creatives and innovative businesses to develop ideas and implement creative projects that will have an ongoing and lasting benefit to the town centre.
This is being supported by CREATEinFIFE.

By engaging with new stakeholder groups on a design research project for urban spaces, it is the intention to develop an interaction with a variety of interested parties, in developing propositions for changes in the existing town environment.
Development of ideas will be progressed by the use of DRAWINGS and PHOTOGRAPHIC images , which will be developed based on consultation and workshops with a wide range of stakeholders and creatives within the town. Ultimately, a permanent outlet or studio space is required within the town centre as a pilot for an ongoing consultative base, to enable everyone to input and develop design thinking and new innovative ideas for Kirkcaldy.

The ongoing design development of this project will aim to illustrate these ideas into a comprehensive body of work for feedback and consultation with all relevant stakeholders which may lead to future project implementation of urban spaces.

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