Today, Tuesday 8 July, I am working on considerations for a proposal to submit to Kirkcaldy’s Ambition about how to develop the methods for public consultation on the new look for Kirkcaldy. There is a need to visualise the wide range of ideas from stakeholder groups to develop the consultation output methods to inform all.  Visual images of how the proposed new spaces and developments will look within the town centre are vital to show everyone how future spaces will look.  Kirkcaldy Ambitions is the umbrella group  that aim to bring the ideas to fruition.

Fife Council   Kirkcaldy4All    Adam Smith Global Foundation   Fife College    Fife Cultural Trust

There are now 4 key areas that are to be developed within the town that will need to be linked and connected by some methods of access routes through design development :


Retail Centre   Pedestrianised Zones   Spaces for street events    Other Services provision


Car Parking Improvements     New Sea Wall and Waterfront access provision     Developments


Adam Smith Visitor Centre    Adam Smith Close Development    Artisan and Cafe Culture zones       Merchants House Spaces

Unique Independent Boutique and Specialist outlets                  Harbour Spaces

High Street links to Sailor’s Walk       and       Priory Campus                    Hotel Development


Kirkcaldy Galleries    Memorial Gardens     Adam Smith Theatre        Old Kirk           Community Hub       Fife College         Educational and Venue Spaces

Kirkcaldy Town House          Town Square Use           Cultural events in the Town Centre Areas

All of these new distinct quarters or zones will require to be inter-connected to enable the town centre of Kirkcaldy become a holistic and co-ordinated urban environment that everyone can benefit from as the town centre develops as envisaged.






Another interesting and potentially powerful urban improvement initiative.


So far, we’ve spent a lot of time focused on the technical and administrative challenges of building something without creating an organisation, and getting it all working using Twitter, too.

But that’s only the first part of the challenge, and is only half of what Nesta and the Office for Civil Society have funded. The next bit is the important bit.

#wewillgather does one thing; it lets you get people together in a certain place, at a certain time, to do good things. When, where and what you do are entirely up to you. It could be five people for beach clean or a litter pick, fifty getting together and redecorating the local community centre, a few meeting up to start a new project, or a thousand for a flash mob to highlight an important issue. If you need any number of people, in one place, at the same time…

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