Hello Kirkcaldy!

POSTCARDS from . . . . . KIRKCALDY :                                                                          Postcards from. . . . . Kirkcaldy is a Design Research Project that aims to generate a visual collection of drawings and propositions for new ideas within the urban spaces for the town of . . . . . Kirkcaldy.    It is a culmination of design thinking and discussion between  a 3 Dimensional Designer and stakeholders groups who all have different views of the priorities for the future development within the town centre.

POSTCARDS will be used as the basic method of recording and collecting the essential information from the variety of specific stakeholders, which will simply ask for sketches and or written suggestions for some identified urban spaces within Kirkcaldy Town Centre.                                                                                                                                                          Once these postcards have been gathered in and collated, the most innovative ideas will be illustrated by the designer into a final batch of postcards that will be published and exhibited to show how all the design thinking could be developed for future consultation and implementation.  Some ideas may be able to seek out finance from established funding organisations  to enable the design ideas to be developed to the next stage of implementation.

POSTCARDS from . . . . . KIRKCALDY aims to be the catalyst for developing design thinking and collecting a wider range of  opinions and ideas to change Kirkcaldy.

Kirkcaldy deserves to have a vibrant and engaging place for everyone who lives or visits the town.  The town is located on the coast of the River Forth and has a great industrial and cultural history.

However, the town has been built and developed with its back to the waterfront and its esplanade, which negates the potential for developing spaces and access routes to improve public participation within this unique urban landscape.                                                          The town has many good assets, although it has relied on the benefits of being a retailing centre in recent years, but due to the changing economic climate, this has resulted in  a lack of investment or new ideas that could regenerate the town in a different way.

POSTCARDS from……..KIRKCALDY is an opportunity to gather ideas from a wider range of different stakeholders, including key organisations such as :                                             FIFE COUNCIL DEPARTMENTS,  KIRKCALDY4ALL,  KIRKCALDY CIVIC SOCIETY,  GREENER KIRKCALDY,  RETAILERS, PROPERTY AGENTS and DEVELOPERS, STAFF and STUDENTS at ADAM SMITH COLLEGE, LOCAL PRESS PUBLICATIONS and THE GENERAL PUBLIC.                                                                                                                           It is hoped that an integrated approach can be developed which will identify common or similar opinion from these various stakeholder groups, which may result in new , exciting collaborations for future change

POSTCARDS from . . . . . KIRKCALDY is the initial case study, but it is proposed that the same approach can be applied to any other urban situation, any town, village or city area.